Apprenticeships are your chance to employ an individual committed to learning and developing their skills within your business or school, whilst at the same time studying for a qualification to increase their future career prospects.

Apprenticeships are government funded schemes for new and existing staff, providing specific industry and work-based training designed around the needs of employers. They are designed by the Sector Skills Councils and lead to nationally recognised qualifications.

Active Education have been successfully working with schools and businesses since 2009 to place the right apprentice in the right role. We are experts in the field of education with highly experienced and qualified teachers across a broad spectrum of topic areas.

Our innovative e-learning system provides learners and tutors with greater flexibility and our courses have a pass rate of 96%

Sub-contracting Information

Oxford Active and Active Education and Training sub-contract to The Henley College. We meet the needs of our existing customers by developing and delivering high quality training programmes for; Apprenticeships, Higher Education, Adult Skills, 16-18 sixth form students and 14-16 year olds. Alongside providing benefits such as;

  • Provide access and engagement to a new range of customers
  • Widening the level of participation through delivering outside the Colleges geographical remit

“The support provided by having an apprentice really helps to free up time for teaching staff." Mr Broadhurst

For further information about the PE and School Sport Apprenticeship, see our courses page. Alternatively, you can contact us today to find out how an apprentice could work in your school.

  • An apprentice should be employed for 30 hours per week and have a contract of employment.
  • You must provide a safe and healthy working environment (a health and safety check will be carried out to ensure this).
  • You are required to release the apprentice for their training one day a week or two mornings/afternoons per week.
  • You must be willing to pay the apprentice the national minimum wage for their age.
  • The apprentice is entitled to paid annual leave
  • An apprenticeship programme can last between 1 and 4 years depending on the level
    • Level 2 (Intermediate) – 12 months
    • Level 3 (Advanced) – 12-24 months
    • Level 4+ (Higher Level) 24 – 48 months
  • The role you are recruiting for will need to provide the apprentice with suitable tasks and projects in order to achieve their qualification
  • You will be asked to participate in the review of the learner’s progress, once every 3 months, this usually takes around 30 minutes.
  • All apprentice candidates must have GCSEs in English and Maths of grade C or above. If they do not have this, we can help them to gain them before they begin their apprenticeship.
  • Upon the successful completion of the apprenticeship, a fully accredited Ofqual qualification is awarded to the apprentice.
  • Equal opportunities must be provided to all applicants.

As an employer, you can advertise and recruit an apprentice for your role as you would do with any other employee. Active Education can help to assess whether your role is suitable for an apprenticeship and support you with recruitment if required.

We are experts in the field of education

Staff at Active Education are experienced qualified teachers, with wide experience of school senior leadership and operations, as well as specialisms in PE, Early Years and English and Mathematics.

Active Education is accredited by many awarding bodies with direct claim status including:

  • Edexcel / Pearson
  • Cache
  • 1st4Sport
  • City & Guilds
  • VTCT
  • Ascentis

We are also a recognised for the consistent excellence of our Information, Advice & Guidance, holding the Matrix Award.

Active Education is a registered training organisation with the DfES / SFA, passing stringent annual due diligence checks to be allowed to deliver vocational qualifications.

In addition, we have:

Completion rate (pass rate) of 96%

Proven track record with over learners across the UK, delivering to over 1200 young people every year.

If you are interested in offering an apprenticeship to a current or new member of staff, please contact us to find out where to start and how we can help. The information below is designed to give you an idea of the set up process.

Stage 1
Contact us to discuss your requirements and discover what we can do for you

Stage 2
Initial visit by Active Education representative and a GAP analysis of what is most appropriate for your school or business, in terms of qualifications, and identifying staff that would benefit most.

Stage 3
Complete due diligence, and sign Service Level Agreement.

Stage 4
Recruitment of the Apprentice; Either from staff already employed, or preferably through advertising for new roles.

Stage 5
Active Education follow an extensive process of supplying you, as the employer and the apprentice with IAG (Information, Advice and Guidance) on the appropriate qualification and training.

Stage 6
Before the Apprentices can start, Active Education carry out health and safety and safeguarding audits, as well as an analysis of contract of employments and learning agreements between the apprentice, the employer and Active Education.

Stage 7
Assessment of apprentice: It is a requirement that we assess the apprentice in terms of suitability and their level of English and Maths.  Where appropriate, we may enrol the apprentice on Functional Skills or GCSE English and Maths.

Stage 8
Training and Education: A tailored programme of ongoing assessment and training is given to the learner who, through the “apprenticeship journey”, will be able to acquire and develop new and existing skills required to pass the qualification. The learner will have regular progress reviews with their personal tutor and a nominated member of staff at the school or in the business.

Stage 9
Upon the successful completion of the programme, the apprentice receives their full accredited Ofqual qualification

Our courses - an overview

Here is a breakdown of our courses and qualifications. More details of each course can be found on our COURSES page.

  • 1st4sport Level 2 Award in Using Sport to Tackle Youth Crime (QCF)
  • 1st4sport Level 2 Award in Employment Awareness in Active Leisure and Learning (QCF)
  • 1st4sport Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Spectator Safety (L2NCSS)
  • 1st4sport Level 2 NVQ Apprenticeship in Activity Leadership
  • 1st4sport Level 3 NVQ Apprenticeship in Sports Development
  • 1st4sport Level 3 NVQ Certificate in Supporting the Delivery of Physical Education and School Sport (QCF)
  • 1st4sport Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Supporting the Delivery of Physical Education and School Sport (QCF)
  • 1st4sport Level 3 Award in Employment Awareness in Active Leisure and Learning (QCF)
  • CACHE Level 3 certificate in playwork (QCF)
  • CACHE Level 3 Diploma in playwork (NVQ) (QCF)
  • NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate for the Children and Young People’s Workforce (England)
  • Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship in Customer Service
  • Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Customer Service

Benefits to your Business

Apprentices’ are contracted employees, this means you have access to a full resource whilst investing in your future workforce.

A resourceful way to grow your business

Training employees is more cost effective than hiring skilled staff.

Attract fresh new talent

Offering a young person an apprenticeship is great way to gain young talent and to develop them to have a valued place in your business

Develop your existing workforce

Apprenticeships can help to develop your existing team who may be eligible to enrol

Reduce turnover

Providing employees with the opportunity to develop their skills and gain a recognised qualification is likely to positively affect their approach to work and improve staff morale

You could be eligible for funding
The apprenticeship grant for employers (AGE) is available for small-to-medium sized employers recruiting 16 to 23 year olds, and is granted to assist with the cost of apprentice’s wages.   Grants are available to help businesses with less than 1,000 employees take on an apprentice

Benefits to your School/College

Enhance the performance of your school

Apprentices can help to deliver the philosophy of your school and support pupils and staff to maximise performance. They may also help to target specific areas identified within your quality improvement plan.

A resourceful way of getting support in your school

Employing an apprentice is a cost effective way of employing a new member of staff. The Apprenticeship Programme is fully funded by the Skills Funding Agency for those 16-18 years and partially funded for over 19’s. The main costs are the wages of the apprentice, but there is funding support available to assist with this.

You could be eligible for funding
Many participating schools are eligible for government funding. The apprenticeship grant for employers (AGE) is available for small-to-medium sized employers recruiting 16 to 23 year olds, and is granted to assist with the cost of the apprentice’s wages.

The £1,500 grant is available to help businesses with less than 1,000 employees take on an apprentice. To find out more about AGE visit or speak to Active Education today.

Minimal disruption for you

There is minimal disruption to the school day for staff whilst providing training. The only expectation from you is that you participate in the review of the learner’s progress, once every 3 months which usually takes around 30 minutes.

Develop your existing staff

Apprenticeships can help to develop your existing team who may be eligible to enrol. This can improve staff loyalty and help to boost morale.

Contact us about our apprenticeship programmes.

Email, call us on 01865 594325 or fill in the form below.

Accredited Awarding Bodies